Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. -Napoleon Hill

Entrepreneurs: Nurturing Desire

One of the elements of effective entrepreneurship is desire. Desire is that strong want to get something… that fire in your belly that gets you moving forward, every day.

Anybody who is, or has been an entrepreneur realizes that without desire, this whole business thing can be a drag. Entrepreneurs only work half days… whichever twelve hours they want! 

Why would anyone put themselves through this, if there weren’t sufficient levels of desire? The short answer is that they wouldn’t.

There are three elements to building and nurturing desire. Let’s explore the first element:  playing a big enough game.

Play a Big Enough Game

It seems that different people grow in different ways. Entrepreneurs, for the most part (I have seen very few exceptions to this) are strivers. They see something that others don’t see… like a specific opportunity to make a difference, and a way to make money tapping that opportunity. 

One characteristic that separates entrepreneurs from wanna-be’s is their tendency to act on what they see. They find a way to make money at it too.

Strivers quite often get bored, unless they are being stretched, either personally, professionally or both. If you are not playing a game that is big enough to stretch you, you may find that all of the little details of running and organizing the business are getting to you. Or perhaps, you are finding yourself listless and unmotivated. 

That is another sign of a game that is too small.

We have one client who wanted to build his company to generate $1 million of net income within a relatively short period of time (three years). That level represented a significant increase (over 400%) from previous years. Even though the company had been stable for a number of years, he had constantly suffered through staff issues and concerns about the accountability of his people, as well as marketing and sales issues.

After taking on the specific goal to increase profits, he found a whole new level of energy, and dealt with the problems which he had been struggling with. It was like he had a whole new lease on life! 

This lasted for two and a half years. He started to approach his financial goal. Then it was as if the zest he operated with had somehow started to leave him, like a leaky old car battery. His energy level became a little lower, and while he was content with the progress he had made, the spring had left his step.

Unless you can thrive on growth and continuous improvement, you may find yourself getting stuck.  Does this mean that you have to become an empire builder? No, not at all.

Instead of going after more millions, he took on the project of actively having his company increase its focus on serving its employees. His company is now a place where people grow, personally and professionally. It’s a work in progress. There’s a great deal of work to do. Yet the spring is back in his step, and the fire is back in his eyes. He has a game that is big enough once again. 

What game are you playing? Is it big enough for you? 

It doesn’t have to be a million dollar game to get you excited. However, it does need to turn you on. 

Does it light you up when you think about it? If not, find one quick! You will discover an entirely unique access point to gain more energy, and enjoy what you do at a whole new level.

Safety Tip

When you look at a game that is big enough, you don’t need to just deal in bigger numbers.  Qualitative goals count. They may count for even more…  What kind of impact do you want to have on your customers? …or on your staff? …or with your family?

How do you want to grow personally? …how about professionally? What is the level of mastery you would like to gain over your skills and talents?

There are many dimensions to building a game that is big enough. Find the ones that are right for you and you will have access to higher levels of energy, and you might catch yourself having fun too!

Next, we will look at the second element of nurturing your entrepreneurial desire.

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